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How to become a member and what are the benefits

Membership has its privileges:


Many times we feel helpless when dealing with Big Businesses especially ones that you can only talk to over the phone. Most times their customer service department is not even located in this country. Sure there are other ways to complain such as the Better Business Burea. But they can seem very impersonal and out of touch. You need an organization that cares about your needs and that you can see feel and touch. Try ACDC.


Here is how we work on your behalf:


Example 1:


A local merchant refuses to correct a problem with your order or any services that you are paying your hard earned money for. They give you the runaround sending you from person to person and no one has any answers.


Do you ?

A) file a costly lawsuite

B) spend minutes if not hours on hold

C) Just forget about it

D) Use your membership with ACDC TODAY, and we work on your behalf

getting answers and results for you.


-We refer you if needed to meet and get legal advice from a real lawyer with expertise in the field of your concern.


-You may be offered discounts at dozens of participating businesses and services.


-If you have a problem with any business and are not satisfied as a consumer

 contacts us,  and we will intervene on your behalf.


-We are constantly adding more services that will benefit you as a consumer

                   Call ACDC TODAY

         for more Details 


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