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Our Mission is clear. To give voice to all Americans that contribute to this great country. The consumer drives this great economy and the diversity of our communities.  We want to give voice to each person, and allow a soapbox for the average American or those with well researched opinions, as well as a venue for posting your complaints.  We intend to view and advocate for those with valid compliants when you cannot be heard through proper channels. ACDC is alternating current, and we may stand with any side of the current, we stand with that which is just. Welcome To America's Choice for the Discerning Citizen (ACDC) Team!

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Ernest and Ernest, father and son share their experience
Shooting In Dallas 
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DALLAS, Texas--Hundreds took the Dallas streets on Thursday for a peaceful rally, with Ernest Walker III among the fray.

“I brought my son who’s 18,” explained Walker. “I said let’s go down there and take some of this negative energy and do something positive with it.

A dovited chaplain of the church, Ernest would watch the demonstration end in gunfire on Thursday leaving five dead and others injured. 

“We dispersed at the end, and then all of a sudden I heard pow pow pow, and an officer from here to this camera, just dropped to the ground,” said Walker. “We didn’t know which way the bullets were coming.”

Fearing his safety and the safety of his son, Ernest fled, later learning the magnitude of what he witnessed downtown.

“I was horrified,” he said. “I’ve never seen anyone shot like that. This man has a wife, has kids, and I just seen him die right before me.”

Walker actually credits an officer for saving his life.


Irving Powers with Optimum Funding Solutions is being investigated for allegedly selling fake social security numbers and allededly placing illegal credit profiles scam credit card companies out of thousands, They allededly pretend to be credit counselors and say that they can give you positive credit rating by placing fraudulent credit reporting files on credit report. He also allegedly sends other people like Steve and David out to get clients promising them cars and credit cards that he will fund once they come. current clients have complained that they gave him thousands of dollars to help them clean credit. He then allegedly offers them fake credit called Trade Lines that makes it look like you have old paid account to be continued. If you have been asked to participate in this scheme please contact one of our offices below.

Statment from Optimum Funding Solutions: Irving Powers via texts

states that there has been no illegalities performed. All services have been legal. There  was "NO TIME LIMIT". on the services requested. Optimum Funding Solutions is not liable  for dissatifaction of any client making complaint. End Quote

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Black Lives Matter


 Blue Lives Matter

   by Henry Dirks (Dallas)

National Campaign starts in Dallas Texas

claiming that Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter so "Lets build bridges not walls says Ernest Walker IV. My dad and I believe that we have more in common than differences.

Ernest Walker IV
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 Cedar Hill Police 

   Pushing In the      Right Direction

by: Elnesto Henry

Normally when you see those cherry lights in your rearview mirror, that usually means trouble. Either it's something you have done wrong or in most blacks minds they are being harassed by a cop. In this case, the gentleman below had car trouble and ran out of gas. The last thing he needs is to draw attention to himself especially in today's climate. You know where a black man is likely to get beaten and/or shot by an overzealous cop.

I have personally been stranded on the highway or road and cop after cop pass me by without offering any help what so ever. I once got stuck on the side of the road during an ice storm and a fire truck was pulling me to safety in the City of Ovilla. Only to have a cop pull up and tell them to unhook chain and let me stay stuck because of liability. Wow as if me blocking traffic with a 6yr old in the car at below freezing temperatures was not a liability. Well back to stranded driver who is now tense because he does not know what to expect. Again an encounter with a cop most often is not a good one for men of color. Not in this case., the officer used his own squad car and pushed the young man to the nearest gas station. There I was standing in front of the convenience store watching an old beat up car being pushed to the gas pump by a cop with his lights on. It was if I had seen a UFO or at the very least a pig fly. (No pun intended)

Jacqueline Craig with Ernest and Debbie Walker Still fighting Ft Worth at Church

         Ernest Walker
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Ernet Walker and Dallas Mayor Steve Bartlett 1995


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